F*** 2020. That’s all I have to say on that topic. I’d rather not talk about how disastrous and horrible 2020 was, so let’s just jump into 2021 (not that it was much better) I say that as we are nearing the end of 2021.

I’m not even sure where to start! I just turned 18 three days ago, and I was just wondering if I am supposed to feel any different? I’m an adult now, right???? I moved out when I was still 17, so I have been on my own for a bit now… I graduated high school… I applied for a credit card.. that’s something right?! I’m thinking about getting a tattoo but my pain tolerance is on the ground.

So much has happened since my last post. I don’t think I can fit everything in one post. I am all over the place right now. A hot mess, if you will. I plan on going into depth about everything, but in separate dedicated posts, you know?? I’m just trying to get in the hang of things again and really get this shiz going.

Hope you enjoyed this shit ass “coming back for the 5th time” post,



I haven’t written in a few months, what’s new.. I always say i’m gonna do something, and just never do it. It’s so frustrating that I can never go through with something!

As i’m sure you all know, school is cancelled. However, my school still wants to do a post-prom thing where we wear our dresses. I think it’s a great idea, as I spent $$ on a dress!

Also, I began working as a CNA a few months ago as well! Very exciting, very new. I love it, I love helping people!!!!!! Everytime I go into work, it’s a reality check. A great reminder to never take life for granted and live life to the fullest.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing too new or interesting. Thanks for reading 💜💜

PROM. great.


I’m just going to act as if this is my journal & just go ham and write whatever is on my mind 🙂

Lately, i’ve been trying to get into too many hobbies and my brain is literally exploding. I’ve started drawing, blogging, making youtube videos (and deleting them), tried bullet journaling, you name it. I don’t know what i’m thinking, I literally have so much Pre-Calc homework? Also, i’m worrying about prom THAT IS ON MARCH 28… nails, hair, makeup, tanning, etc! I am a waitress (I work 1 day every week) and make 7$ an hour! Like okay? However, I just passed my CNA state final and could start working as a CNA, BUT my two other friends didn’t pass and I was gonna wait for them. I’m screwed. HA, and on top of that, I just purchased 7 clothing items from Forever 21… like why? for what? I thought it was going to be ok because i’m using afterpay. You know what? I’m not going anymore, prom is officially cancelled.

Anyways, I better go before I have a panic attack 🙂





I’m not sure how many (if any) of you guys still care to read what I have to say but I miss writing my “diary” entries! It’s crazy reading my posts from a while back, and seeing how much I have changed. I am definitely not the same person I was a while back. I have grown tremendously and matured quite a bit. I have so much I want to say and so many life updates, however, I will space it out between posts or this one will be 10 miles long. This post is sort of just a welcome back? I just want to get back in the groove of things, ya know… I’m so ready to restart!

oh how I missed this,



summer? hate.


i haven’t been on here in awhile & I was going to make an excuse that i’m busy but, the truth is, I kinda forgot about it…

I have less that one month of summer left and I have done absolutely NOTHING all summer. This summer has led to me to find who my true friends are.. for example, my “bestfriend” would rather go out and drink then hangout. eh it’s whateverrrr. On the plus side, I hang out with my boyfriend a lot so it doesn’t really phase me. who am i kidding? it phases me. I miss her.

anyways, I really messed up my sleeping schedule this summer lmao. I’m wondering how i’m gonna wake up in time for school?? we will see how that goes. This summer has been the worst i’ve ever had.

I have a lot to update all 5 of you on but my baby sister is currently sitting on my lap trying to grab my phone so

until next time,


bad day


Lately it has not been going so great.. yesterday I had a big argument with my boyfriend (teenager problems) I got sick and my nose has been running nonstop AND on top of all that, yesterday one of the sophomores at our school died in a car accident. I am a close friend of his best friend and I felt terrible. Everybody was crying all day, even the teachers. We had counselors here and everything. We didn’t even have any classes because we were grieving. Softball practice was also optional and not required. It was a very sad day.

Other than that, after school I went to get ice cream with some of my friends. We almost got into a car accident like 70 times because my friend, that was driving, is not a good driver!!!

Anyways, I am REALLY dreading finals week. Right now, my grades are good. Besides one. Lmao. I have all A+ and one D+. If my grammar or spelling is wrong, it’s because i’m trying to type fast because my NOSE KEEPS RUNNING AND I HAVE TO WIPE IT EVERY 5 SECONDS.




h8 school

hey. is saying ‘hey” every time annoying??

I have 20 days of school left & the seniors last day is tomorrow. I’m really over school. I have 3 tests today and they’re not even finals!!! Just normal tests. When finals week comes, i’m definitely going to shit myself. I now realize I should have payed attention in class.. I am definitely going to fail the algebra final because I don’t know shit & I have an F in that class lmao. She updates grades like every 10 million years!! You can definitely tell I suck in that class because I have all A’s and then an F. Thats how its been for the past 3 quarters also. All A’s and an F or a D-

Moving on, i’m not going to Chicago with my boyfriend. I can’t remember if I said that the last time I posted or not… Besides, he’s only gonna be gone like 2 days and I will still be able to talk to him and facetime.

Oh yeah, I started softball!!!! I’m really liking it so far, although I am out of shape lmao. Everybody hates the coach though. She’s a bitch. I hope I play 2nd base, because i’ve literally played that base my whole life. I got moved around a lot last year though. I played all the positions except for first, catcher, and pitcher.

until next time,





it’s may


It’s been awhile I guess. I haven’t but posted in a week but anyway it’s already May 2nd???? I have 20 more days of school left???

Guess what? I’m not in study hall! I am actually at home right now. Can you believe it? Sooo what’s new? Well, I don’t think i’m going to Chicago with my boyfriend.. I’m sad but also kind of relieved. I don’t think i’m ready for that.

I really want to start a bullet journal but I don’t have the artistic abilities for that. I tried starting one but I wrote one word and I was like nope you suck bye LMAO. I’ve also ALWAYS wanted to start a YouTube channel but i’m just not interesting enough. I did start one briefly, but I deleted all of the videos because they sucked lmao.

I literally have nothing to talk about, that is how boring my life is.

My first softball practice starts next Monday. I’m scared because we got a new coach and I kind of liked the old one. She sounds strict and I feel like she’s gonna push us hard. Which is not a bad thing necessarily but still. Practice will be 2 hours long.. How the F am I supposed to get through that?? especially during the summer when it’s gonna be hot???? pray 4 me

bye for now,




snow?? in april??

Hey. I think i’m going to start every blog post this.

I’m not even going to tell you where I am because you probably already know. I finished some homework so thats already an improvement. This is my first day back in like 5 days because we got 2 snow days! It’s literally almost May, and were still getting snow. It snowed more here in April than it did in December.

My boyfriend wants me to go to Chicago with him and his family, but to be honest, I am SO scared. His whole family will be there and they’re going to have a huge party. Who knows, my mom probably won’t even let me. I’ll have to ask her eventually because it is almost May; that’s when they’re going.

I’m excited to go home and finish watching Harry Potter. But i’m also sad because my boyfriend has a track meet and I won’t be able to talk to him for awhile. (first world problems)

I want to start doing a quote of the day or some words I like. I’m not sure that makes sense.. it sounded better in my head..

i’m also planning to do some fun blog posts soon so make sure to tune in for that lol what am I even saying??? I need to get into a routine but I also don’t want to feel forced to post yanno? Because then my “content” will be forced. Does that make sense? probably not

anyways, i’ll see you later




Guess where I am again. Study hall. I have homework I should be doing right now but I am choosing not to for whatever reason. I’m really just talking to myself by writing on here because I have no followers whatsoever but I don’t really care. I’m using this as a personal diary right now and if others happen to care about my life then so be it lol.

I have to finish a test in Algebra today and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. Also, I got in an argument with my boyfriend last night but what’s new. Typical teen problems am I right?! I have lunch in like 10 minutes but i’m pretty sure it’s something gross. I’m not sure why I just said that literally no one cares.

I’m sorry I sound like such a stuck up bitch, I swear i’m not. Wow, that’s exactly what a stuck up bitch would say. Wait are we allowed to swear on here???? Really, i’m not though. I swear.

goodbye for now,