the first of many


I am currently sitting in study hall. I wanted to be spontaneous so… here I am. I have no idea what i’m doing so this should be fun.

My name is Victoria, which you probably already knew by my domain.. & my middle name is Anita, which you probably thought was my last name.. probably not.

I am a freshman in high school with no blog experience whats so ever. What am I even supposed to be writing about???? Fashion? no thanks, I wear sweats everyday. Travel? Nope, I live in a small town with two gas stations.. I don’t go on vacations and i’ve only ridden a plane once. Lifestyle? Ha, I live a very uninteresting life. I go to school, go home, watch netflix, shower, sleep, repeat. Maybe, if i’m lucky, I go to a movie with some friends. Maybe i’ll use this as a diary like thing. Maybe not, we’ll see.

Sooo, in conclusion, i’m kind of lost here.



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