Guess where I am again. Study hall. I have homework I should be doing right now but I am choosing not to for whatever reason. I’m really just talking to myself by writing on here because I have no followers whatsoever but I don’t really care. I’m using this as a personal diary right now and if others happen to care about my life then so be it lol.

I have to finish a test in Algebra today and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. Also, I got in an argument with my boyfriend last night but what’s new. Typical teen problems am I right?! I have lunch in like 10 minutes but i’m pretty sure it’s something gross. I’m not sure why I just said that literally no one cares.

I’m sorry I sound like such a stuck up bitch, I swear i’m not. Wow, that’s exactly what a stuck up bitch would say. Wait are we allowed to swear on here???? Really, i’m not though. I swear.

goodbye for now,



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