snow?? in april??

Hey. I think i’m going to start every blog post this.

I’m not even going to tell you where I am because you probably already know. I finished some homework so thats already an improvement. This is my first day back in like 5 days because we got 2 snow days! It’s literally almost May, and were still getting snow. It snowed more here in April than it did in December.

My boyfriend wants me to go to Chicago with him and his family, but to be honest, I am SO scared. His whole family will be there and they’re going to have a huge party. Who knows, my mom probably won’t even let me. I’ll have to ask her eventually because it is almost May; that’s when they’re going.

I’m excited to go home and finish watching Harry Potter. But i’m also sad because my boyfriend has a track meet and I won’t be able to talk to him for awhile. (first world problems)

I want to start doing a quote of the day or some words I like. I’m not sure that makes sense.. it sounded better in my head..

i’m also planning to do some fun blog posts soon so make sure to tune in for that lol what am I even saying??? I need to get into a routine but I also don’t want to feel forced to post yanno? Because then my “content” will be forced. Does that make sense? probably not

anyways, i’ll see you later


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