it’s may


It’s been awhile I guess. I haven’t but posted in a week but anyway it’s already May 2nd???? I have 20 more days of school left???

Guess what? I’m not in study hall! I am actually at home right now. Can you believe it? Sooo what’s new? Well, I don’t think i’m going to Chicago with my boyfriend.. I’m sad but also kind of relieved. I don’t think i’m ready for that.

I really want to start a bullet journal but I don’t have the artistic abilities for that. I tried starting one but I wrote one word and I was like nope you suck bye LMAO. I’ve also ALWAYS wanted to start a YouTube channel but i’m just not interesting enough. I did start one briefly, but I deleted all of the videos because they sucked lmao.

I literally have nothing to talk about, that is how boring my life is.

My first softball practice starts next Monday. I’m scared because we got a new coach and I kind of liked the old one. She sounds strict and I feel like she’s gonna push us hard. Which is not a bad thing necessarily but still. Practice will be 2 hours long.. How the F am I supposed to get through that?? especially during the summer when it’s gonna be hot???? pray 4 me

bye for now,




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