h8 school

hey. is saying ‘hey” every time annoying??

I have 20 days of school left & the seniors last day is tomorrow. I’m really over school. I have 3 tests today and they’re not even finals!!! Just normal tests. When finals week comes, i’m definitely going to shit myself. I now realize I should have payed attention in class.. I am definitely going to fail the algebra final because I don’t know shit & I have an F in that class lmao. She updates grades like every 10 million years!! You can definitely tell I suck in that class because I have all A’s and then an F. Thats how its been for the past 3 quarters also. All A’s and an F or a D-

Moving on, i’m not going to Chicago with my boyfriend. I can’t remember if I said that the last time I posted or not… Besides, he’s only gonna be gone like 2 days and I will still be able to talk to him and facetime.

Oh yeah, I started softball!!!! I’m really liking it so far, although I am out of shape lmao. Everybody hates the coach though. She’s a bitch. I hope I play 2nd base, because i’ve literally played that base my whole life. I got moved around a lot last year though. I played all the positions except for first, catcher, and pitcher.

until next time,





One thought on “h8 school

  1. Nah hey will never be annoying and my readers are probably tired of me saying well haha. For the finals don’t wait until the last minute to study because trust me the information will not stick. Good luck

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