bad day


Lately it has not been going so great.. yesterday I had a big argument with my boyfriend (teenager problems) I got sick and my nose has been running nonstop AND on top of all that, yesterday one of the sophomores at our school died in a car accident. I am a close friend of his best friend and I felt terrible. Everybody was crying all day, even the teachers. We had counselors here and everything. We didn’t even have any classes because we were grieving. Softball practice was also optional and not required. It was a very sad day.

Other than that, after school I went to get ice cream with some of my friends. We almost got into a car accident like 70 times because my friend, that was driving, is not a good driver!!!

Anyways, I am REALLY dreading finals week. Right now, my grades are good. Besides one. Lmao. I have all A+ and one D+. If my grammar or spelling is wrong, it’s because i’m trying to type fast because my NOSE KEEPS RUNNING AND I HAVE TO WIPE IT EVERY 5 SECONDS.




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