summer? hate.


i haven’t been on here in awhile & I was going to make an excuse that i’m busy but, the truth is, I kinda forgot about it…

I have less that one month of summer left and I have done absolutely NOTHING all summer. This summer has led to me to find who my true friends are.. for example, my “bestfriend” would rather go out and drink then hangout. eh it’s whateverrrr. On the plus side, I hang out with my boyfriend a lot so it doesn’t really phase me. who am i kidding? it phases me. I miss her.

anyways, I really messed up my sleeping schedule this summer lmao. I’m wondering how i’m gonna wake up in time for school?? we will see how that goes. This summer has been the worst i’ve ever had.

I have a lot to update all 5 of you on but my baby sister is currently sitting on my lap trying to grab my phone so

until next time,


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