PROM. great.


I’m just going to act as if this is my journal & just go ham and write whatever is on my mind 🙂

Lately, i’ve been trying to get into too many hobbies and my brain is literally exploding. I’ve started drawing, blogging, making youtube videos (and deleting them), tried bullet journaling, you name it. I don’t know what i’m thinking, I literally have so much Pre-Calc homework? Also, i’m worrying about prom THAT IS ON MARCH 28… nails, hair, makeup, tanning, etc! I am a waitress (I work 1 day every week) and make 7$ an hour! Like okay? However, I just passed my CNA state final and could start working as a CNA, BUT my two other friends didn’t pass and I was gonna wait for them. I’m screwed. HA, and on top of that, I just purchased 7 clothing items from Forever 21… like why? for what? I thought it was going to be ok because i’m using afterpay. You know what? I’m not going anymore, prom is officially cancelled.

Anyways, I better go before I have a panic attack 🙂



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